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Why Are Parliamentarians Important?

Why Are Parliamentarians Important?

  1. They advocate for action on issues of concern and urgency to the people of their towns, cities, country and the world.

  2. Through their oversight and accountability responsibilities, they make sure that governments act in a transparent way, implement and enforce vital legislation and regulations and spend tax payers money wisely

  3. As elected representatives, they have a unique individual legitimacy and credibility

  4. They ensure that issues/decisions that are of importance to the people who elected them are properly heard and considered and action is taken

  5. They draft, introduce and seek the proper implementation and enforcement of legislation and regulations of critical importance to the people who elected them and the country as a whole

  6. They advocate for executive support for important international treaties and give effect to these treaties in domestic law

  7. They are an essential 'bridge' and 'catalyst' between the people who elected them and the executive branch of government - not only in the context of holding the executive branch accountable and overseeing their operation, but also in constantly raising and drawing attention to new or emerging issues of concern that the government must deal with

  8. They can help to oversee elections in other countries

  9. They can help colleagues in other countries by meeting them and sharing their first hand parliamentary experiences which in turn helps those parliamentarians to engage in more effective work

  10. They are at the core of every properly functioning democratic system - overseeing the executive and judicial branches of government, advocating for legislative change, making sure, in the final analysis, that the government of the day never loses touch with the will of the people who put them in power

PGA’s vision is to contribute to the creation of a Rules-Based International Order for a more equitable, safe and democratic world.

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