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PGA Membership Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for membership the Parliament must adhere to all of the following criteria in order that a group or an individual be admitted as a member of Parliamentarians for Global Action:

  • the members must be from a freely elected parliament
  • the election should be open to more than one party, or to those who have no party,
  • the Parliament must evidence an actual ability to engage in free debate.

In accordance with these guidelines, the Board shall decide first whether a parliament meets the criteria for membership as set out in Article 3, and then the Board shall approve or reject applications for membership from individuals and groups from those parliaments, and the decision shall be recorded in its minutes.

National Group Guidelines:

  1. Any member who wishes to form a National Group must inform the Secretariat in writing.
  2. Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) national groups should be open to all members of parliament in multi-party states and be composed of at least 10 individuals, open to all parties, or 5 individuals if the total membership of the national parliament is less than 100.
  3. In a parliament that has existing PGA members, all current PGA members must be invited with 30 days notice to join the group.
  4. Groups should accept the Constitution and By-Laws of Parliamentarians for Global Action;
  5. Groups should elect group officers - for example, Chair, Vice-Chair(s), Secretary and Treasurer - with due regard to political and gender balance.
  6. Groups should elect one of their members, annually, to serve on the International Council, with written confirmation of this election to the Secretariat.
  7. Groups should hold at least one annual general meeting.
  8. Groups should submit a written annual report to the Council Chair on or before September 1st in advance of the Council meeting.
    • Group reports should include names, who are elected as officers, and membership fees.
    • Groups should each year provide the names of its members to PGA in New York, and the group's membership fees.
    • Members or Groups who have not paid PGA membership up to date will not be able to vote.
  9. The elected member can serve as the Chair of the National Group for 1 term of 2 years, with a rotation of members within the group.
  10. The Chair of the International Council and the President shall certify to the Executive Committee those national groups that have met the guidelines.

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