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33rd Annual Forum

The Impact of Armed Violence on Development - Issues, Challenges and Parliamentary Solutions

October 28-30 2011 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

PGA's 33rd Annual Forum on The Impact of Armed Violence on Development - Issues, Challenges and Parliamentary Solutions explored the different, and regrettably many, adverse impacts of Armed Violence in communities and societies in numerous countries around the world.

Taking place in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 28-30 October, 2011 the different sectors impacted by Armed Violence, in the overall 'Development equation' that were the main subject areas of discussion and deliberation included:

  1. Education and Health
  2. Gender
  3. Security
  4. Trade and Investment

The Forum also made an important contribution vis-a-vis parliamentary input into the ongoing negotiations of an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). While many States have repeatedly said that the impact on sustainable development should be taken into consideration when arms transfers are being considered to a particular State or region, other States continue to dispute that view and believe that the linkages between violence on the one hand and delayed or suppressed development on the other, are less than compelling.

The broader impact of Armed violence - in all countries, not confined to the developing world - were also be considered. While the inadequate regulation of small arms and light weapons arguably has far more devastating effects insofar as it can fuel conflict and delay development in post-conflict states, there is no doubt that the negative fall-out from Armed violence in general is a genuinely global phenomenon, affecting even comparatively well-off donor countries too.

An extensive Plan of Action was adopted at the end of the Forum. This outcome document will greatly assist and empower participating MPs in identifying different practical steps and measures that they can take to mitigate the harmful effects in this area, upon return to their respective Parliaments and countries.

Pursuant to this Plan of Action, all participating Legislators in the Forum are required to report back to PGA within 3 months on actual steps/measures they have taken in accordance with the different provisions thereof.

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