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32nd Annual Forum

Empowering Women - Building Human Security

Istanbul, Turkey, October 23-24, 2010

PGA's 32nd Annual Forum convened over 250 legislators from over 100 countries including high-ranking Ministers and other government officials to discuss policy solutions, challenges and strategies (existing and proposed). In addition, international renowned experts, academics and representatives of international organizations, UN agencies and civil society participated.

The Forum addressed the nature of women's role in human security with the three areas of human security - the security of survival, livelihood and dignity - serving as the forum framework.

It discussed women's access to health care, particularly maternal healthcare and maternity leave. In addition, it addressed key areas of women's socio- economic empowerment: the importance of and legal and socio-cultural issues regarding land, property and inheritance rights; access to credit; and the gender pay gap, participation in labour force and sectors of employment. As regards to education, it discussed educational attainment and literacy rates of girls and women.

The Forum also provided information on women's rights law, international conventions, and multilateral agreements while allowing participants to share their own country experiences with their peers. The role of legislators in the development and implementation of these international agreements was also addressed, as well as the challenges and the roles of MPs in addressing this topic in their home countries.

In conjunction with the Forum, PGA also hosted the 15th Annual Defender of Democracy Awards Dinner on October 23rd, 2010. The Defender of Democracy Award is presented to individuals who, through their own commitment and active engagement, have made significant progress in strengthening democracy and democratic practices.

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