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Calendar of Events - 2009


January 19-23
Participation in the ICC Assembly of States Parties - first resumption VII session
United Nations, New York

January 26-29
PGA attendance / Consultations at multiple sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Ratification and Implementation of Rome Statute - Debate on the Motion for a Resolution: "Cooperation with the ICC & its universality"
Strasbourg, France


February 3
Intervention of PGA in the Hearings on 'Justice for Darfur,' Foreign Affairs Committee, Chamber of Deputies
Venue: Parliament of Italy, Rome

February 9-13
Participation in the ICC Assembly of States Parties, Working Group on the Crime of Aggression
United Nations, New York

February 16-17
Mission of Parliamentarians from ICC States Parties to Indonesia and Conference in the Justice and Human Rights Committee (Commission III)
Parliament of Indonesia, Jakarta

February 24-26
International Parliamentary Seminar on HIV/AIDS in Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal


March 15-17
PGA Consultations on the ICC in the Middle East and the Mediterranean (MEMED)
Parliament of Bahrain, Manama

March 27-28
Parliamentary Seminar on the Implementation of the Rome Statute and its impact on reforming justice, fighting impunity and promoting post-conflict reconciliation in the DR Congo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


April 23-24
Workshop on Reforming Legislation on the basis of the Rome Statute of the ICC in East Africa
Parliament of Kenya, Nairobi

April 27-29
PGA Mission to Central America on Ratification & Implementation of the Rome Statute of the ICC
Parliament of Nicaragua, Managua


May 8
MayWorking Group on Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
United Nations, New York

May 4-15
PGA delegation and meeting to 17th Commission on Sustainable Development - CSD 17
United Nations, New York


June 9
Regulating Small Arms and Light Weapons: Continuing Challenges for Parliamentarians
Mexican Mission to the UN, New York

June 10
PGA Side-Meeting to the Inter-sessionalmeeting on the Crime of Aggression os the ICC Assembly of States Parties
Permanent Mission of The Netherlands to the United Nations

June 18-19
Strategy Meeting on the politics of international justice: impact and effectiveness of the ICC - Towards the Review Conference of the Rome Statute
Parliament of the Netherlands, The Hague


PGA Workshop on Small Arms and Light Weapons Continuing Challenges for Parliamentarians
United Nations, New York


August 11
PGA Bilateral Dialogue - Aceh (Indonesia) and Balochistan (Pakistan)

August 12
PGA delegation to the 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia Pacific (ICAAP)
Bali, Indonesia


September 22
Meetings on technical assistance for the implementation of the Rome Statute in Venezuela, Legal Affairs Committee, (Parliament of Venezuela, Supreme Court of Venezuela and other institutions

September 24-25
Mission to El Salvador - Ratification and Implementation of the Rome Statute
National Assembly of El Salvador and other institutions, San Salvador


October 15
Conference on the ICC for the new European Parliament
Venue: Brussels, Belgium

October 21-22
PGA'S 31st Annual Forum: Environment, Energy Management and the Global Economy
United States Congress, Washington, DC

October 23
Briefing by Mr Stephen Rapp, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues to PGA Board and International Council
United States Congress, Washington, DC

October 27-28
PGA delegation to the International Parliamentarians - Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action
Venue: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia


November 18-26
Participation of PGA delegation to the ICC Assembly of States Parties
The Hague, The Netherlands

November 23
Visit of PGA Legislators to the ICC and the Assembly of States Parties
The Hague, Netherlands


December 2-4
Meetings on ICC accession, implementation and connected law and policy reforms in Nepal on the occasion of the visit of the ICC President to Nepal
Constituent Assembly (Parliament) of Nepal, Kathmandu

December 7-18
PGA delegation to the Conference of Parties "COP 15"
Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark

December 10-12
International Parliamentary Seminar on Justice and Peace - The Role of Justice in Post-Conflict Recovery
Venue: Parliament of the DR Congo, Kinshasa

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