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31st Annual Forum

Environment, Energy Management and the Global Economy

United States Congress, Washington, DC
October 20-22, 2009

The inauguration of President Barack H. Obama on January 20th, 2009 marked a turning point for issues of the environment and energy management that are on the policy agenda of an unprecedented green US administration.

PGA's members in the US Congress proposed to PGA's Board that this year's forum deal with the international framework of the Kyoto Plus mitigation commitments leading to concrete international environment policy at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-15) to take place December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The world's leading governments and businesses must find mutual supportive strategies in order to lead the planet towards the benefits of a renewable and a sustainable future.

PGA will hold its 31st Annual Forum on The Environment and Energy Management at the United States Congress on October 20th-22nd, 2009. This meeting will convene legislators from all over the world, experts and multilateral organizations to find policy solutions to energy management through exchange, debate and learning about energy management challenges and strategies (existing and proposed.

Participants will discuss energy resources and production, the control of energy demand (commercial, public, residential use), financing and cost reduction schemes, measuring energy efficiency, building energy infrastructure and investment, and development of energy infrastructure worldwide while simultaneously addressing environmental and climatic impacts.

Since 1996, PGA has held the Defender of Democracy Awards in conjunction with its Annual Parliamentary Forum. The Defender of Democracy Award is presented to individuals who, through their own commitment and active engagement, have made significant progress in strengthening democracy and democratic practices.

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